Velja afhendingarmáta
Höfundur: Rafn Sigurðsson

Take a pocket-sized memory from Iceland!

Untouched, untamed and unpredictable! Icelandic nature in all its glory. The photographer, Rafn Sig, has been fascinated by its beauty since he was a young boy. The Wild Iceland books contain a small sample of his best work from the past 30 years. Wild Iceland – South is a book the size of a postcard and is full of unique pictures from the dramatic land of ice and fire.

South Iceland
There are few places in Iceland where the landscape is as spectacular as in South Iceland, where the majority of our visitors travel. It is home to beautiful waterfalls, stunning coastlines, bubbling hot springs, active volcanoes and magnificent glaciers. Some of Iceland’s greatest natural wonders are in the mountains along the coast and rural areas in the western region. The glacier-adorned mountain ranges boast of some of Iceland’s principal volcanoes and eruptive fissures. The area features considerable geothermal activity and numerous picturesque towns and villages.

The Wild Iceland series consists of eight pocket-sized photo books. Each book focuses on a selection of the most eye-catching natural formations in individual parts of Iceland: South Iceland, Southwest Iceland, Reykjavík, West Iceland, Westfjords, North Iceland, East Iceland and the Highlands.