Velja afhendingarmáta
Höfundur: Craig Patterson

Icelandic automotive history is unlike that of any other nation. Whether a car is one of ten, or worth a certain amount, takes a distant back seat to the real history of these specific vehicles. Who owned them, why they were imported, and the tasks they tackled, make them much more a part of the island’s history, and helps to draw a more complete picture of the people who have owned them and their culture.
The people of Iceland have always known their world can only be made better if they do it themselves. Using vehicles for multiple purposes, on trails never meant for motors, and building their own coachwork have just been par for the course for these self-sufficient and forward-looking people.

This hardcover masterpiece features vintage and antique cars in the main Auto museums in Iceland.

The book contains an impressive selection of high-quality photographs, with interesting, quirky captions and information on each museum.