Velja afhendingarmáta

Sleep Sheep On The GoFerðaútgáfa af Sleep sheepInside this sweet sheep is a secret sleep solution – a sound machine that plays 8 different soothing sounds (white noise) andcalminglullabies!Sleep Sheep on the Go™ comes in a convenient travel size! This fluffy travel companion features four different nature sounds to calm kids and promote peaceful sleep, especially in new environments. And it’s compact enough to clip onto a stroller, or pack into a diaper bag or carry-on luggage.This compact version of original Sleep Sheep™ brings comforting sleep time sounds anywhere you go. Why make noise? Because, to an infant, there’s nothing as comforting as a mother’s heartbeat and at Cloud b™, we’ve come up with the perfect stand-in. White noise is proven to lull little ones into slumber. Sleep Sheep On The Go™ includes all of these soothing sounds in a convenient size that easily attaches almost anywhere!After choosing the 23 or 45 minute option, Sleep Sheep on the Go™ shuts off to save battery power. And when the plush needs a bath, pop out the sound box and simply toss in the wash. Sleep Sheep On The Go™’s compact size makes it ideal for any destination.

7.900 kr.