Velja afhendingarmáta

Höfundur Sigurður William Brynjarsson

Learn how to take professional-looking photos of the northern lights.

Iceland is the ideal destination for travelers who long to see the natural phenomenon known as the aurora borealis – or the northern lights. It is a unique experience that cannot easily be put into words. Capturing the Northern Lights: A Photo Guide contains some of Icelandic photographer Sigurður William Brynjarsson’s best shots of Lady Aurora, along with detailed descriptions of the camera settings used, equipment needed and useful tips on preparation and location scouting. The book also contains a guide to post-processing the photographs – to ensure that travelers bring home not only their memories but some beautiful images as well.

Sigurður William Brynjarsson is an Icelandbased photographer. He has won multiple awards for his work, both domestically and internationally, especially for his photos of the northern lights. Sigurður is also a tour operator who is certified by the Icelandic Tourist Board. He and his friend Bragi Kort operate Arctic Shots, a company that specializes in photo tours around Iceland.

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