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Höfundur Vilhelm Gunnarsson

Vilhelm Gunnarsson is a photo-journalist for local newspaper, Fréttablaðið . Since taking up the job in 2003 he has captured moments of history in the making. His specialty is photojournalism and landscape photography and his photos have been featured in some of the better known newspapers, magazines, and televised media around the globe. He has participated in numerous exhibitions and has received recognition for his work, most recent of which he was rewarded for photo of the Year in the category for Environmental Photography by the Icelandic Association of Photojournalists. Vilhelm also manages VG Publication, a publishing company specialising in postcards and calendars. This is his second book published. His first book was published in 2010 in which he featured some of the more memorable moments from the volcanic eruption in Eyjafjallajökull. Vilhelm Gunnarsson´s professional website is www.vilhelmg.com

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