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Alecto klukka og svefnþjálfi Green Simon TheBC110GN SIMONfrom Alecto Baby is a 3-in-1 sleep trainer, alarm clock and night light.And that in the form of a friendly snail named Simon.This sleep trainer helps smaller children to gain a sense of time.As a parent, you set when it's time to get up.The display is blue at night and shows a moon.The sign to stay in bed.Is it time to get up?The display of theBC110GN SIMONturns orange and shows a sun.TheBC110GN SIMONcomes with an extra long charging cable (200 cm), but is also rechargeable and can therefore also be taken with you and used wirelessly. Key features

  • Clock/alarm clock with digital time display and alarm
  • Helps children to gain a sense of time
  • Encourages children to stay in bed, gives parents more sleep
  • Sun and orange display: it's time to get up
  • Moon and blue display: it's time to go to sleep
  • Determine the color of the night light yourself, the color intensity is adjustable (7 positions + off)
  • Wireless and rechargeable, ideal to take with you when staying over
  • Easy to place anywhere thanks to the extra long USB charging cable of 200 centimeters

TheBC110is a sleep trainer that helps children develop a sense of time.Ideal when your child is not yet able to watch the clock (properly).Sometimes children find it difficult to properly estimate the rhythm of day and night.They wake up and think it's time to get up, when in fact they should stay in bed a few more hours.This is more common as the days get longer and shorter and as daylight saving time sets in. How exactly does such a sleep trainer work? You set the desired time to get upon theBC110 sleep trainer.You place the sleep trainer in your child's bedroom so that it is clearly visible.The display is blue at night and shows a moon in the screen.This is the sign for your child that it is still time to stay in bed.Has the time you set been reached?Then the display changes from blue to orange and a sun is shown.It's time to get up!In this way you can train every child - even if they can't tell time yet - to stay in bed longer and to give the parents more sleep. Alarm clock with alarm In addition to being a clock,theAlecto Baby BC110GN SIMON is also an alarm clock.You can easily set the wake-up time and the alarm.Not only will the display then change from blue to orange, the alarm will also sound. Night light TheBC110can also be used as a night light.The illuminated display provides pleasant illumination of the room and makes your child feel safe and secure.The intensity of the display lighting is adjustable.From clear, bright blue to a soft, blue glow.The same can be done with the orange display.The brightness of the display can be set in 7 positions.The lighting can also be turned off. Wireless and rechargeable The sleep trainer is rechargeable and can therefore be used wirelessly.You can charge it with the extra long USB cable of up to 200 cm that is included.This makes theBC110easy to use anywhere, with or without a cord.TheBC110is compact and easy to take with you.Ideal when staying over, your child always has something familiar with him. Alex Baby This is a quality product from Alecto Baby.Many (grand)parents rely on our products to make their daily lives and the care of their (grand)child(s) better and easier.With Alecto Baby you choose a safe, well thought-out and user-friendly product of the highest quality.Alecto Baby: Choose with confidence.

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