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3-1 Surprise bear - bangsi

Þegar togað er í fætur bangsans kemur annar minni í ljós.

Bring fun along for the ride with the Lamaze 3-in-1 Clip & Go Bear developmental toy! This cuddly bear is full of surprises. It starts as an adorable plush bear with a big round face. But then, show baby how to pull on its legs and – goodness! – there's a smaller bear hidden underneath! And then, in the bear’s pocket…wouldn't you know? – yet another, even smaller bear is tethered so it won't get lost. Cheerful colors delight the eyes and unique textures thrill the fingers encouraging development of both visual and tactile senses. Little ones can't get enough of this cute trio. A great way to keep your little one entertained both at home and on the go, the Lamaze 3-in-1 Clip & Go Bear is full of fun surprises for baby to discover. This take-along stroller toy also makes a great gift for a baby shower party - give them the gift of learning and early discovery!

  • Fun with the Three Bears: Babies delight in discovering the nested bears hidden inside the big bear when the heart tab is pulled
  • Clip and Go Newborn Toy: The perfect travel toy, it clips easily to your baby stroller or carrier, or add it to your baby’s activity center for some extra fun
  • Developmental Toy: Designed to engage the senses with vivid colors and unique textures for baby to discover
  • Chewy Too: Babies explore with mouth as well as hands, and the heart hanging beneath the bear toys is perfect for chewing
  • Lamaze: It’s Time to Play! There’s no better way to share your love, bond with your child, and help them feel secure
4.300 kr.